This post is about Germy, the main character in Germiz game.
But did you know that this cute creature didn’t always looked like this ?

When we released the first version of Germiz game back in 2013, we were two people at Ezelia.

Germiz was our first casual game, and the main character looked like this.

This version was made in HTML5 and was only playable on browsers.
Germiz had some success, and an enhanced mobile version became our next goal.

A first attempt to remake Germiz in 2015 failed, but we had started working on a full remake of the game graphics.
After some iterations the new Germy looked like this

Quite better, but still not exactly what we was looking for…

Then Chris Hildenbrand, the famous author of striked !

The legend says that he used a special super power, to transform Germy to this cute creature

Germy is a cute bacteria whose dream is to spread across the world.

And this is how Germy got his final look, after 6 years of evolution !

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